Interpreting services

The agency offers interpretation services during conferences, negotiation sessions, sittings and other types of business meetings, private meetings and official meetings. The offer includes various types of interpreting services:

Consecutive interpreting– the translator begins translating as the speaker finishes a fragment of the speech. When delivering such interpreting services the interpreter usually sits at one table with the speakers or stands at the rostrum next to the speaker.
Simultaneous interpreting – also called conference interpreting. This type of interpreting requires the use of a booth and a sound system. It is delivered almost simultaneously with the speaker ‘s words. It begins within a split of a second after the beginning of the original message. The time gap is called décalage (French for ‘shift’). This type of interpreting requires extreme concentration and causes the interpretor’s fatigue fast, therefore interpretors work in pairs and take turns to interpret the speeches.
Whispered simultaneous interpreting – in other words simultaneous interpreting without the use of any specialized technology. It is delivered in whisper to the ear of the recipient – hence the name – and it is effective for a maximum of three recipients. A larger audience requires the use of technical equipment.

Interpreting through the telephone and Skype

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