What we do

Welcome to the website of TECH-TEXT Translation Agency. We deliver written translations in the following language combinations:
– English-Polish, Polish-English
– German-Polish, Polish-German
– Russian-Polish, Polish-Russian
– French-Polish, Polish-French
– English-German, German-English
Our translation services are focused on specialized and technical translations. We define specialized transations as translations of texts which refer to areas requiring specialized knowledge and remain outside the scope of technology, such as legal texts, texts related to law or marketing texts. Technical translations concern strictly the areas of industry, technique, technology and science eg. railway, civil contruction or chemistry.

Vast part of our projects embrace consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. We deliver interpreting services in both general and specialized or technical areas. Additonally, we offer sworn interpreting services provided by certified interperters authorized by the Minister of Justice.

We specialize in the following areas:
– concrete and precast concrete
– the railway
– traditional power industry
– electric heating supply
– renewable energy
– civil engineering
– aviation
– automotive industry
– cosmetics and household chemistry
– telecommunications
– banking and finance
– marketing
– interior design
– utility textiles
– medicine
– patents

We look forward to cooperating with you!

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