Price list

Translation price list

    Translation page rate
    From PLN 29 + VAT per custom translation page!

The rate per translation page is determined individually for each assignment.

The total cost of a translation is determined based on the number of custom traslation pages. In case of sworn translations a custom translation page has 1,125 characters including spaces, in case of regular translation – 1,500 characters including spaces. Usually the basis for a quote is the original text, yet if the source text has an uneditable format or there is no possibility to count the number of characters therein, the basis for the settlement is the translation text. In special cases there is a possibility to determine the cost of the translation on the basis of other, previously settled units, e.g. words or lines. The price depends on the number of pages as well as on the kind of text, language combination and deadline.

Interpretation service rate

Interpreting services price is determined individually depending on the assignment. As a standard for interpreting services we settle this kind of assignments per 4-hour interpreting unit.
For more information on the quote of services, please contact us via e-mail or telephone under CONTACT. You are very welcome to use the QUICK QUOTE form or the ORDER FORM in the bookmark ORDER TRANSLATION .

Translation mode

Translation needed

REGULAR mode: up to 7 custom translation pages per bank day. Regular rate determined depending on the kind of text and total number of pages.

Translation needed urgently

URGENT mode: above 8 and up to 14 custom translation pages per bank day (regular rare + 50%)

Translation needed immediately

EXPRESS mode: above 14 custom translation pages per bank day or translation provided for the same bank day on which it was ordered (regular rare +100%)

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