Translation assignments delivered by TECH-TEXT are completed exclusively by verified translators with linguistic and/or philological qualification with the support of experts in particular areas of specialization and technology. Each text is translated and verified by a proofreader who did not translate the text. Such procedure ensures an effective quality check and the possibility of eliminating potential mistakes. A third person, who did not take part in the translation process, is more likely to notice possible linguistic slips than the translator, who has re-read the text many times. Moreover, in case of highly specialized texts, we avail ourselves of the knowledge of experts, who verify the contents of the translations. Thus we are able to provide a reliable quality check and a satisfactory final effect in the form of a solid and well prepared translation.

“Do ONE thing and do it well”

We adhere to the rule one cannot do everything well. Therefore we have specialized in certain areas and have become experts in them. These are:

– concrete and precast concrete
– the railway
– traditional power industry
– electric heating supply
– renewable energy
– civil engineering
– aviation
– automotive industry
– cosmetics and household chemistry
– telecommunications
– banking and finance
– marketing
– interior design
– utility textiles
– medicine
– patents

Our long experience in providing translation services has taught us that the key issue in the work of a translator is continuous expansion of knowledge and training both linguistic and in specific areas. We welcome challenges, enjoy learning, discovering new areas as well as deepening our knowlegde in the areas we already know because quality specialized translation can be done only if one is aquainted with a specific area. Sole knowledge of a language and often even a glossary or parallel texts are not sufficient.

Why us…?

Choose quality and experience

We focus primarily on the quality of a translation. The idea of founding a professional specialized translation agency emerged during observations of long cooperation with Clients from the technical and engineering branches. Having participated as translators in many meetings and having observed the Client’s work on translated documents we gathered a list of practical characteristics of a quality translation which is most useful for the Client. In the daily work of the agency we put these observations into practice. The quality of a translation is influenced by:

What is important for technical text is the consistent use of the same terms in all documents which circulate within a given company. Problems caused by an inconsistent translation include: misunderstanding between employees who work with translated documents, incorrect offers and even failures in the execution of projects. TECH-TEXT ensures the coherence of translations with the help of glossaries and specialized software which improve the translation process. We use primarily TRADOS®. The software database collects equivalent words and entire expressions as well as bigger units of text, which can be recalled during the translation process and serve as an aid for the translator in ensuring terminological coherence of the entire text.

• Professional approach
All our translation assignments are completed by professional translators. We cooperate exclusively with verified experts with adequate qualification and experience in translation of technical texts.

• Coherent terminology
A given term is always translated in the same way. Even in case of a long gap between translation assignments, our glossaries and terminology databases, which are created for each particular Client and are systematically updated, always allow for a recollection of the needed therm.

• Consultations with branch experts
What is particularly important in case of specialized translations is the knowledge of a given industry area and the typically applied terminology. Therefore, we avail ourselves to the knowledge and expertise of specialists in given areas, who cooperate with the agency on permanent basis at all stages of a translation project. This results in translations which are professional and comprehensible to readers from particular industry areas.

• Technology
The agency offers computer assisted translations. We use such software as SDL Trados, SDL Trados MultiTerm, WinAlign and others. Contrary to a common misconception these are not devices which complete the translation mechanically for translators but tools which make their work more effective and enhance its quality. Thanks to these technological solutions we are able not only to make the translation process faster but also toensure terminological coherence of the target document and provide texts of highest quality.

• Verification
A target text is always subject to detailed verification and control in terms of language and content. In the verification process on the one hand the proofreader perceives a text as a unit but on the other as an element of a translation project carried out for a particular Client. Each document or text is proofread by a third person, who did not take part in the translating stage. The aim of this procedure is to eliminate all potential mistakes. Careful verification is a vital aspect of a proper translation and a guarantee of high quality.

• Focus on the needs of the Client
The needs of the Client are of utmost importance to us, therefore we always strive to meet the Client’s expectations. We value your time, adjust to your requirements and always search for individual solutions. Reliability, timelines, accuracy and professional approach to entrusted tasks have allowed us to gain the trust of Clients, build positive relations and develop lasting cooperation

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