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The term localization means a translation which is done with respect for the local background and is adapted in terms of language and terminology to the needs of the target readers from a given cultural context. It is a very complex process, which exceeds the translation itself and embraces an adjustment of a text to the rules of language use valid for the culture of the recipients. Among others the process includes the transfer of layouts and meaning into the target communication system, eg: currency, time, measurements and many others.

Text localization is necessary for introducing new products onto the market, especially in case of Internet-based business. Our services include mainly:

– localization of websites
– localization of software

Each text which requires localization requires an individual approach. Contact us and we will find the righ solution for your project.

Editing and graphic design

The most common service related with translation is the graphic design of documents, which contributes to the greatest possible similarity of the source and target documents. Depending on the target function of the text, rendering its layout may be of key significance. In terms of graphic design we work with the following file formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, etc. The only condition is for the files mentioned to be included in the source materials provided for translation.
Basic editing and/or graphic editing from 3 PLN net rate per physical page of a document.
Advanced editing and/or graphic editing from 8 PLN net rate per physical page of a document.

Private tuition before public speeches in a foreign language

People in menagerial positions, team managers, training specialists, participants of symposiums, panels, congresses, conferences often have to face the challenge of giving a public speech in a foreign language. Regardless of the fact whether it is your debut or subsequent speech, if you feel you need the support of a linguist, do not hesitate to contact us. Within several meetings we will help you prepare the text of the speech, create the additional presentation, practice pronunciation and fluency. We know what it takes for a successful speech, we will make you feel more confident, you will be understood, as you wish and your words will be remembered by the audience.

Linguistic assistance during teleconferences and videoconferences

(coming soon)

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Is there anything else we can do for you?

In case you have an exceptional project or a non-standard text, a complex assignment – do contact us. We will make every effort to find an adequate solution so that the end result meets all your expectations.

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