Translation services

TECH-TEXT Translation Agency provides a wide range of translation services. Our team offers professional translations of all sorts of texts in compliance with all requirements and standards of our Clients. We perform the following types of translation:

Regular translations – translations of texts of general character and texts with specialized content delivered by experienced translators, which do not require the seal of a sworn translator.

Sworn translations – also referred to as authenticated or certified translations. These translations are delivered by sworn translators, who hold an authorisation granted in compliance with the regulation of the Minister of Justice. These are mostly translations of documents for government offices and institutions, which require not only the rendition of the content but also its authentication. The conformity of the translation with the delivered original text is certified by sworn translators with their seal and signature. Such translation may be necessary in case of the following types of texts:

• documents which confirm marital status, birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, certificates necessary for concluding a marriage with a foreigner etc..
• company documents, eg. certificate of a NIP or REGON number, certificate of Entry in the Register of Business Activity or National Court Register etc.
• business contracts, such as agency contracts, job contracts, insurance policies, real estate purchase contracts, etc..
• court documentation eg.: empowerments, procedural documents, suits and applications.

All translations are subject to proofreading with regard to content and language in order to eliminate any possibility of mistakes and to ensure full compliance with the original document.

Specialized and technical translations
TECH-TEXT Translation Agency has been delivering specialized and technical translation services for many years. Our qualified translators have wide experience in translating professional texts in various industry areas. We pay particular attention to accuracy not only in terms of content but also to its cultural context and stylistic effect. Prior to being sent to the Client a translation undergoes detailed examination, which ensures the highest quality. Our agency offers the following types of translations:

Specialized translations – translations beyond the scope of a general area, but of no technical character.These include texts from areas such as law, finance, banking, marketing, management etc.. Legal translations embrace also documents which require authentication. Our team of experienced translators has years of experience in translating legal documents such as contracts, certificates, decisions, court sentences, documents of empowerment, notary acts, extracts from the register of companies, certificates of a clean criminal record and many other. We deliver translations in the areas of finance and accountancy. Our services in this area embrace both regular and sworn translations. In great part our portfolio is comprised of financial documents necessary for the funcitoning of every company. Our services include many kinds of financial documents these include: financial statements, invoices, cash flow statements and other financial and accounting documents in circulation.

Technical translations – translations of texts from technical areas are at the core of our expertise. The experience gathered during years of practice of translating texts in various industry and other areas allows us to offer translation services of the highest quality. This challenging type of translation requires the knowledge of specialized terminology, alongside with the knowledge understanding of a particular industry area as well as experience in translation per se. In order to offer technical translation sevices of highest quality we cooperate with experts from specific industries, who supervise the content of our translations. Our agency specializes in translations in the following areas:

– concrete and precast concrete
– the railway
– traditional power industry
– electric heating supply
– renewable energy
– civil engineering
– aviation
– automotive industry
– cosmetics and household chemistry
– telecommunications
– banking and finance
– marketing
– interior design
– utility textiles
– medicine
– patents

TECH-TEXT Translation Agency delivers translations of medical texts. Our experience embraces translations of medical records, clinical and laboratory tests, instructions for applying drugs and pharmaceuticals, medical documents including medical history forms, hospital discharge summary reports, medical imaging results etc.

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